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We have a full programme of activities throughout the week in our studio! There is a great range of classes, from indoor cycling to yoga so there is truly something for everyone. Most of our classes are free for all inclusive members and non members are more than welcome to take part in our classes for an additional fee. All classes are available to book online, if you would like to book a class now then click the button below or alternatively keep reading to find out more about which class would be best for you! 

our classes

Indoor Cycling

Our indoor cycling classes are a great way to get fit in a fun environment! Using our state of the art spinning bikes try this high intensity aerobic and anaerobic work out, great for building stamina and fitness! 


Pilates classes are a perfect way to improve core strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. They are a great way to help recover from injuries and can be extremely beneficial, particularly for those with back and joint pain.

Beginners Pilates

A gentle introduction to Pilates for anyone who previously hasn't done this exercise class before. It will allow you to learn basic Pilates techniques to improve flexibility and mobility.


A relaxing and revitalising class that will help both your mind and body. It uses an ancient form of exercise and breathing techniques to improve flexibility, core strength and stability. 


This class is a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to improve your mental and physical well-being. You will use a variety of techniques to develop your flexibility, strength and balance. It is great class for people recovering from injury or with back problems.


A fun, sociable and upbeat way to help dance yourself to fitness; featuring mix of low and high intensity moves in a calorie burning dance party. It uses blend of cardio, muscle conditioning , balance and flexibility to give an all-round body workout.

Pad Boxing

In this class you will use a plethora of punches and non-contact pad boxing techniques. Upper body conditioning and cardiovascular exercises will ensure you train hard before you leave this short and sharp class. 


FitSteps® is a blend of graceful Ballroom steps and fun-filled Latin dance moves. This is a enjoyable, energetic and effective way to stay fit that will appeal to anyone. Created by some of the stars of "Strictly Come Dancing", this class will certainly let you dance yourself into shape.

Body Blast

This is a real calorie burning and complete workout for your whole body. Using a combination of weights and cardio it will improve your muscle tone, strength and your cardiovascular system. 

Legs, Bums & Tums

Improve  tone, shape and firmness of these three key areas with this complete aerobic workout that features lunges, crunches, and squats.

Summer Shape-up

This six-week course will get you in great shape for the summer. A mix of strength and endurance exercises provide an excellent calorie burning workout

Core Fit

Get a flatter stomach, leaner waist and stronger abdominals from this quick but intense class. It will use a variety of exercises to target and focus on your core.


This is a non-contact combat class that uses a variety of martial art techniques. Using a mix of kicks and punches; this class will improve all over body toning and stamina.

"The class that pushes me hardest!" 

Body Tone

This class will give you a total body workout. It uses light to moderate free weights and high repetitions alongside aerobic exercises to tone and sculpt. It will leave you feeling challenged but ready to come back for more.


This class will use a mix of different stations all around the room. These exercises will help burn calories, improve tone and boost your cardiovascular fitness all in one go. 

Impact Conditioning

A high impact class that is divided into sections to give you an all over body workout. 
Cardio – increases fitness levels and burns calories. 
Core – strengthen core muscles, tone and firm.
Stretch –  improve flexibility and movement. 


“PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. Plus, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking lean and incredibly defined”
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