We run popular holiday courses for children of all ages. We have tots camps for players aged 3-4, mini tennis camps for players Under 10 and full ball camps for players aged between 10-16. 

Holiday camps give players a great opportunity to partake in an enjoyable holiday activity but still provide a quality coaching environment in which they will learn and improve. Children can attend individual days or sign up for a whole week and get one day free!More details on individual sessions can be found below. 

Tots Camps
Age: Preschoolers
Time: 9:30am or 12:30pm
Duration: 30 minutes
Info: Tots camps are the perfect way to introduce young players into tennis. Sessions focus on all the key athletic fundamentals for young players to help improve their agility balance and coordination. They will also learn the basics for forehands, backhands and volleys and practice hitting these shots on a mini court. 

Mini Tennis Camps
Age: 5-9 years
Time: 1-4pm
Duration: 3 Hours
Info: Mini tennis camps are a great way for children to get on court and practice in a challenging, fun and rewarding environment.
Players are split by age and ability and groups are structured using the LTA mini tennis system, with players playing in either a red or orange group. 
Players will have the chance to practice a wide range of activities, working on different movement and coordination games, learning about all the shots in tennis and get to rally and play points on a mini tennis court. 

Green/ Full Court Camps
Age: 10+
Time: 1-4pm
Duration: 3 hours
Info: Green and full ball camps are designed for players of all levels.  Groups are split according to ability so for beginners it's a great way to get into tennis and have a concentrated period to work on all the basics. For more experienced players our camps give the opportunity for players to practice a wide range of technical and tactical elements and hit lots of balls to get sufficient volume of repetitions on all shots.


The next block week of holiday camps is running during the October half term, week commencing Monday 23rd October.
There will be tots camps for 3-4 year olds from 9:30-10am and 12:30-1pm, mini tennis camps for players aged 5-9 from 1-4pm and full court camps for players aged 10+, also from 1-4pm. 
Camps have use of the indoor courts so will go ahead whatever the weather.
Book now to secure your place!

Camps are usually run indoors during the winter months and outdoors in the summer. Please make sure that your children are properly attired, wearing sports clothes that they can run around in. 
Please remember to bring a hat, sun cream and plenty of water in the warmer summer months. 
During the mini tennis and full court camps the players will have a short snack break mid way through the day so we recommend that they bring something to eat with them.
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