Working with a Personal Trainer enables you to achieve your goals in the safest and most effective manner.  View details on our trainers below...
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Julian Dale

Contact Number: 07812 135787

Cost: £45/session

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

About me:
Over the past nine years, I have worked in a number of roles in the fitness industry. These include: Fitness Advisor, Studio Instructor, Personal Trainer, Personal Training Assessor and Senior Wellbeing Advisor. The work I have done has enabled me to gain experience working with a large variety of clients, whose goals have ranged from sports specific to improving health and wellbeing. 
In order to expand my knowledge, in 2013, I began studying a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology at St. Mary's University in Twickenham.
My approach to personal training is to make sessions appropriate to the individual, fun, enjoyable, progressive and educational.

· BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
· Premier Personal Training Diploma
· Premier Resisted Movement Training
· Premier Movement Based Flexibility
· NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
· Level 2 Coaching in Strength and Conditioning
· YMCA Keiser Cycling
· Boxercise 
· Circuit Training
· Weight Management Certificate
· First Aid
· Register of Exercise Professionals – Advanced Instructor Level 3

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Kat Jakubcova

Contact Number: 07960 162964

Cost: £45/session

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

About me:
Whatever your fitness goal is I am going to help you achieve it. Whether you are already a committed fitness enthusiast or complete beginner, I have a program tailored specifically to your needs. 

I have been in the fitness industry for many years, having grown up in the Czech Republic where I trained as a gymnast from the age of 5 to 21, after which I then coached the local gymnastics team.

I came to the UK in 2004 and studied in Guildford to become a Personal Trainer. Since then I have trained clients in and around the Kingston area, whilst also continually keeping up to date with new trends and qualifications to enhance both my and your performance. 

I offer a wide range of specialist techniques to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goal, whether that is weight loss, strength, endurance, recovery from injury or just improving your general fitness. 

If you would like to find out more or see my approach, feel free to sign up for one of my classes here at the club or call me to arrange an informal consultation.    

 What my clients' say:
"I have trained with Kat for over five years and during that time can honestly say I have been transformed from someone who had never even dared enter a gym into a real fitness fanatic! Not only has Kat inspired me to achieve a level of fitness I could never have imagined, she continually varies her approach with new challenges and techniques which mean that training sessions are never dull. I can thoroughly recommend her approach whatever your goal. "

· Gym Instructor
· Personal Trainer 
· Kettlebell Instructor
· Hula Hoop Instructor 
· Zumba Instructor
· Hot Stones Massage Therapist
· Sports Massage Therapist
· Pad Box Instructor
· Bosu Instructor
· Weight Management 
· First Aid
· Register of Exercise Professionals – Advanced Instructor Level 3

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James Chandler

Contact Number: 07870 262741

Cost: £50/session (members)

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

 About me:
My fitness journey took me from being five stone overweight, to now having the energy to maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.
Knowing first-hand the improvements effective training, clean nutrition and good movement can make to our lives, I am able to help my clients make those small changes that bring the greater success.
What my clients' say:
'If you have any doubts about personal training then I guarantee seeing James will change those beliefs. He is a genuinely nice guy with a real passion for keeping fit which diffuses into his clients. He is extremely enthusiastic, has adapted seamlessly to my individual needs and, most importantly, very knowledgeable'
'James takes a keen interest in developments in the field and is able to translate this into my routines. Not only that but he is a great source of inspiration. I am not local to James but feel it is worth the effort to travel to see him as he has helped me so much from gaining confidence to making me noticeably fitter'
'James is an excellent personal trainer. I have been seeing him for the last three years. When I first started I just wanted to improve my overall strength and fitness. James has definitely helped me achieve this and much more. I used to get back pain regularly, but now have considerable core strength. He is very enthusiastic and his enthusiasm is infectious'
'This year I have run 10k charity events, I cycle 20 miles a day and have signed up for a Triathlon. Prior to personal training with James I would not have considered so much exercise!'
• Instructing Exercise and Fitness NVQ Level 2
• Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma:
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Torso Training and Core Stability
• Circuit Training
• Kettlebell Instructor
• Nutrition and Weight Management (City & Guilds)
• Sports Nutrition (City & Guilds)

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Jo Wilkinson

Contact Number: 07788 196176

Cost: £45/session

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

About me:
My formal training provides the theory; my personal experience as a marathon runner, an elite rower and a personal trainer since 2001 provides the practice.

I will tailor your training programme to meet your goals and to fit with your lifestyle. I will help you develop those goals and provide the motivation for you to achieve them.

Your programme will be challenging, achievable, varied and fun. We will work together aiming for continuous improvement.

As well as specific and general fitness programmes I also specialise in ante & post natal fitness – supported from personal experience and recognise and understand the fitness and training needs of the older person and non-competitive individuals.  

What my clients say:

 "After a riding accident, I was unsure how to get back to fitness, so my husband bought me a few sessions with Jo. I really appreciated her warm, professional style and her extensive knowledge ensured that my recovery programme was at just the right intensity and pace".

 "This is one appointment a week that I never miss. The sessions are always challenging, diverse and fun. What's more, I'm fitter and healthier for it. Thanks Jo!"

"Sometimes you just need a boost to get you out of your exercise rut and step up your motivation. Jo's extensive health and fitness knowledge ensures I enjoy a tailored programme that continues to challenge me."

"Every time Jo comes back from her training workshops, I know I'm in for some hard work! Seriously, I appreciate the variety of her exercises – it stops me getting bored and I know I'm benefiting from the very latest know-how."

"Whatever life throws at me – from maternity to marathon – I know I can ask Jo to tailor a programme to suit. It helps that she's a very motivated – and motivating – person too."

· YMCA Personal Training NVQ Level3
· Ante & Post Natal Fitness Training 
· Fitness Training for the Older Person
· Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counseling
· Nutrition & Weight Management
· Circuit Training & Body Conditioning
· Stability Ball Training Level 2
· Reebok Core Training & Reebok Cycle
· Bosu Core Training
· Register of Exercise Professionals – Advanced Instructor Level 3

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Tim Marsh

Contact Number: 07957 229893

Cost: £50/session

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

About me:
As an experienced personal trainer, I understand the value of a healthy body through regular exercise. I offer full fitness programmes for people of all standards and abilities. I believe that a personal training programme should be safe, effective and totally individual to each client's requirements.

I have worked with many clients' ranging from top national/international tennis players to general weight loss or weight gain clients. I have also worked with other sports including one client who reached England status in rugby aged just 16.

 What my clients' say:
"When I started working with Tim I was extremely overweight. My goal was to lose six stone in a year and I managed this in less than eleven months. Tim was very supportive and helpful during this challenging time. I now feel much happy and more energized."__ RS

"When I started training with Tim I weighed 80kg. Two and a half years later I was running a half marathon, weighing a mere 65 kg in size 10 shorts. I have lost weight and gained enormous amounts of self esteem and confidence. I could never have done it without Tim!" __ G

I worked with Tim for four years. In this time I progressed from playing with the London Irish amateur under 16 team to being selected for the England under 18 Squad. Training with Tim raised my fitness levels and impressed my coaches throughout the rugby circuit. __JF"

 BSc (Hons) Sports Science

· BAWLA Leaders Award

· First Aid

· Register of Exercise Professionals – Advanced Level 3 Instructor

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Liam Grimley

Contact Number: 07743 189905

Cost: £50/session (members)

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

 About me:
My approach to fitness and conditioning is strict on science, technique and posture yet relaxed and personal. I will motivate and inspire you, empower you with knowledge and give you confidence in your fitness and yourself.

I can Rehabilitate you after injury, enable you to achieve your weight loss goals, help you to gain lean muscle, tailor your training for your specific sport and position and show you how to enjoy exercise if you have specific medical conditions or disability.

I believe in top quality training that gives you the skills and understanding to know why you are training the way you are and to be confident that you are getting the best from every minute in the gym. 

I have more than a decade's experience in the health & fitness industry in both Fitness and Rehabilitation and it is this experience, my training and passion that I bring to you in every Personal Training and Sport Rehab session. I have run a busy local Sport Rehabilitation Clinic since 2003 and continue to run popular Fitness "Boot Camp" Classes in the area. In 2005 I spent a year as Sport Rehabilitator & Trainer to the Elite of both England and Great Britain Fencing Squads. In addition I have been involved with Rugby Union from local club level to the England & Ireland Legends squads.

Combined Bachelor of Science with Honours - Sport Rehabilitation with Sport Science including:

-Sport Specific Techniques
-Strength & Conditioning       
-Special Populations
-Postural Correction
-Core Stability
-Sports Massage & Rehab Massage

Keiser Indoor Cycle Instructor
Member of British Assoc. of Sport Rehabilitators & Trainers (BASRaT)     
Member of Register of Exercise Professionals (Advanced Instructor L 3)
First Aid

Whether you are a complete beginner, are preparing for a challenge or need inspiration in your regular training, I am the personal trainer for you.

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Rob Angus

Contact Number: 07949 121389

Cost: £45/session

Block booking offers available, please contact me for more details.

About me:
I have now been working in the fitness industry for 10 years, seven of which, I have been a personal trainer.

I chose to get into the industry at a very young age, having always been a keen sportsman playing semi-professional football and swimming competitively. Personal training, therefore, seemed to be a natural progression.

In my years as a personal trainer, I have worked with a number of clients, whom through exercise I have helped to achieve a large variety of goals. These include weight loss, tackling the North Pole and cycling to Paris!! To name a few!!

My approach is to make exercise both fun and beneficial.... Two things which do not often come together... So let's get started!!!


•Focus Advanced Level 3 Personal Training 
•Vipr Training
•TRX Suspension Training
•Register of Exercise Professionals – Advanced Instructor Level 3

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