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Our Goal:

Our goal: To produce players of a regional, national and even international level across all age groups on a consistent basis.

How will this happens: By creating a world class learning environment for players of all ages and abilities. We will engage, excite and teach all players to be the best they can be in their tennis and also as a person. 

Our players are known for: Being respectful and having great discipline. Players will be problem solvers and be responsible for showing positive behaviour both on and off the court and have great focus on learning and improving. 

Surbiton Tennis Academy Core Expectations (STACE)

Here are the expectations that we expect all academy players to aspire to:
  • Players have to agree to a minimum of 2 squads per week
  • Players have at least one individual session a week to enhance specific areas of work on their performance factors
  • Players take information on board and apply it to their tennis
  • Whether players believe they are having a good session or bad session they always give it their best
  • Players accept that tennis can and will be unfair
  • Players shake hands with their opponent and say well played at the end of a match
  • Players start to find their own identity and develop their own game style
  • Players have a "please just one more ball attitude"

The Coaching Team 

Our academy team is led by Head of Performance tennis Matt Healy. 
Matt has vast experience in running performance programmes and working in performance tennis. Matt has managed HPC programmes in the past as well as working with junior players of a regional and national level.
Matt is supported on the programme by Head Coach, Tom Crisp and all the other members of the Surbiton coaching team. All the coaches are are highly motivated, passionate and knowledgeable in delivering in a quality performance environment 

Mini Tennis Academy

Our mini tennis academy forms the base of our performance programme. Initially at our red academy level we are looking for players who are showing good potential and have all the athletic skills needed to progress, at this stage attitude is equally important, we want to see focused players who love the game!
As players progress through red academy and onto orange and green level we are looking for players to have a bigger programme, be playing at least 2 or 3 times a week and be competing at the club and in LTA competitions. 
The aim for our top level mini academy players is to be hitting regional and national level in the LTA I.D system. 

Junior Academy

The Junior academy caters for any competitive level player from the age of 11 upwards. We start with players coming from mini tennis or players competing in county level events who are looking for high quality coaching sessions to help improve their game and rating. 
We also provide high quality programmes for regional and national level players from 12 & Under to older junior players who have aspirations of playing college level or professional tennis. 
All sessions are based on the game situations of tennis, with the tactical intentions and technical skills the main focus of the session.

To find out more information about joining our academy programme please click the link below and we can give more information on the programmes that we can provide.  

Competition is an extremely important part of a quality academy player programme. Please click the link below to check how are players are getting on! If your child has had a great tournament result then please email us so we can upload it to our achievement page.  
Academy player achievements
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