Effective from 8th March 2016
These rules apply whether you book online through this website on the internet or by using the terminal at the club.

To access the system from here click the "Book Courts" button at the top of this page. or click 

Your Login
Login to the system using your user name and password.  Please do not share your login details and PIN number with other members. You can change your password and PIN when you log-in to the booking system website. Once you have entered the system select the "Booking Sheets" tab from the top menu to book squash/tennis courts or view existing bookings. Select "Fitness Classes" to book classes or view availability.

Booking Fees
When applicable, the various court booking fees are shown on the booking sheets when you login. You will need to "top-up" your booking system account and have sufficient credit in order to book a court with a fee. You can top-up your account online (£10 minimum) or purchase credit at the club (£20 minimum).

Booking Rules
•Members may book up tennis courts up to 13 days prior from 9.30 am.
•Members can book squash courts up to 14 days prior from 10.30 am.
•Off-Peak members (full, squash, tennis and gym) can only book courts and studio/fitness classes Monday - Friday before 5pm. 
•The member who books the court should select playing partners/opponents to show on the booking sheets.
•Members must have credit on their booking system accounts in order to book a court or Studio/Fitness session with an applicable court or booking fee.
•You can credit your account as follows.
 ◦Purchase credit at the club (£10 minimum).
◦Online top-up (£10 minimum) with any credit/debit card when logged into the website.

Late-Cancellation policy

Please cancel as soon as possible when unable to play so that others may use the court.

◦When the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the reserved start time, the booking fee is automatically refunded as system credit. 

◦Within 24 hours, the system will automatically charge a late-cancellation fee, however, this late-cancellation fee will be automatically refunded if the same court is re-booked (squash £3 per late-cancellation, tennis £1 per 30 minutes).

Check-in / No-show policy

 ◦The member who booked the court must check-in on the kiosk system to confirm court usage. 

◦To check-in, you only need to swipe your membership card on any one of the touch screen "kiosk" systems which have been installed at the club within 1 hour and 30 minutes before (or after) your reserved start time. Members can confirm courts and studio classes by swiping their membership cards on one of four terminals in the clubhouse. The location of the terminals are: two in the reception area, one outside the gym double doors and one on the wall just inside the gym. If you do not currently have a membership card then please speak to a Duty Manager or contact us on 020 8399 1594.

◦You can also use your PIN to check-in and register your card if it's "not recognised". You can look-up your PIN when logged into the booking system website (click "My Settings" on the left side of the page). 

◦Failure to check-in will automatically log the booking as a "no-show" and a no-show penalty will be charged to your booking system account (squash £6 per no-show, tennis £2 per 30 minutes).

Search for a Member's Contact Details

You can access contact details for members via the Members Directory page. You can search here by first name or surname.

Personal Profile Page
Every member has a Profile Page where they can update their contact details, control which details are made available to other members, add a photo and view any leagues or tournaments that they are taking part in.
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